The Glaivier is Lost Ark’s most lethal class yet

Lost Ark, the sprawling MMORPG from Smilegate and Amazon Games, has already taken the world of PC gaming by storm since its launch in February, attracting millions of players to the vibrant land of Arkesia. Now, the game’s character options are growing with the first post-launch content drop since its Western release.

The new Advanced Class, Glaivier, falls under the Martial Artist class. Perfect for players who love to rush head first into battle, this class deals heavy damage with a combination of spears and glaives. Armed with a variety of rapid, devastating attacks, there are plenty of flashy combat options for players who choose this path.

The Glaivier specialises in doling out continuous damage and juggling enemies, making her perfect for dealing with single targets or small groups. Her spear is perfect for taking on enemies one at a time, and comes with a variety of skills to help on that front. 4-Headed Dragon is a particularly impressive skill, striking foes eight times before landing a crushing final blow. Starfall Pounce closes the gap between you and your opponent, launching them into the air for some brutal strikes.

The glaive weapon is great for dealing with groups, specialising in area-of-effect moves that can strike from a distance. Wheel of Blades is one such skill, capable of knocking enemies into the air before bringing them back to earth with an almighty slam. To keep an enemy airborne, use Stampeding Slash to juggle them with multiple hits.

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As existing Lost Ark players will know, landing hits and executing skills will all contribute to building up your special meter, which in turn allows you to pull off some truly spectacular combat feats. In addition to building up your character’s combat power, the Glaivier gains buffs from switching stances, so make the most of each weapon before switching it up.

Like all of Lost Ark’s Advanced Classes, there’s lots more to discover as you complete quests and level up. No matter which customisation options you choose, you can be sure that you’ll never lack combat power with the Glaivier. If you’ve yet to get stuck into this huge MMO, now is the perfect time to do so. To get started in Lost Ark, download it for free on PC via Steam. Happy hunting!

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