What is the Destiny 2 Legendary Lost Sector today?

Are you looking for the Legend or Master Lost Sector locations in Destiny 2? While many Destiny 2 Exotics can be bought from Xûr or even in the world loot pool, the Exotics in these special Lost Sector instances cannot, forcing players to explore these dangerous areas if they want the best equipment available. To make matters worse, you have to complete them on your own to get a chance at the best rewards.

The Destiny 2 Legendary Lost Sector location changes with the daily reset at 5pm UTC. Before you can take on Legend Lost Sectors, you need to complete all the normal Lost Sectors first. If you don’t, the new Legend Lost Sectors will not appear on the map. Each day, the location, modifiers, and rewards rotate out for something new. As of Season of the Risen, the Legend and Master Lost Sector quests both take place in the same location.

It’s important to remember that Exotic drops are not guaranteed after completing these quests, so you may have to run through the same Lost Sector multiple times. You can go through them quests with a fireteam, but your rewards will be reduced to Enhancement Cores only.

Destiny 2 Legend and master Lost Sector location

Date Legendary/Master Lost Sector Rewards
May 24 K1 Crew Quarters Chest
May 25 K1 Logistics Helmet
May 26 K1 Revelation Legs
May 27 K1 Communion Arms
May 28 The Clonflux Chest
May 29 Metamorphosis Helmet
May 30 Sepulcher Legs
May 31 Extraction (Throne World) Arms
June 1 N/A Chest
June 2 N/A Helmet
June 3 N/A Legs
June 4 N/A Arms
June 5 N/A Chest
June 6 N/A Helmet
June 7 N/A Legs

With the launch of Season of the Haunted, the Bungie team added a new Legendary Lost Sector to its rotation. The Conflux is located in the Cistern on Nessus. Its recommended power level on Legend is 1560, while a Master run is 1590. Guardians should expect to face Barrier and Unstoppable Champions, and should prepare for the Solar Burn modifier that causes increased Solar damage from all sources. The Match Game modifier means players will need to match damage type against each enemy, and they should also expect locked equipment, extra shields on combatants, additional enemy grenades, and, on Master difficulty, additional Champions and a disabled radar.

And that’s all we have for the Legend and Master Lost Sector locations in Destiny 2. Find out what the Nightfall weapon is this week in Destiny 2.

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